Thursday, March 11, 2010

What's in a name?

I probably met him during my first week of work. But I also met everyone that week, and I'm not the best with names. I could be the worst, in fact. So I am not really sure.

Fast forward a year, (holy crap, I've been working for a year!) he distinguishes himself. He works in the Video Tape Library, and I either order and pick up tapes from him or he picks up tapes from me. One day, I went over to pick up some tapes and no one was there. I waited 5 minutes. And then he showed up.

"Hey sorry, have you been waiting long?"
I laugh. "No, not really."
"Well if you had, I wouldn't have cared."
Jaw drops. "Oh, reeally??"
He laughs. "I'm just kidding."

Sass. And really cute when he laughs. And then the crushing started.
The next day, I was in a hurry and he was in a hurry. On my way to pick up tapes I just ordered. He was on his way out, but saw that I was coming so he turned around grabbed my tapes and walked me to the elevator. We chatted during our brief ride. He told me about he had to feed the meter in his car, and how he drives in only when he works the overnight shift. (my coworker said I should have offered to walk him to his car, but it's not my style).

I got excited when we crossed paths. I would volunteer to go to the VTL any chance I could. But I still didn't know his name. A month ago, I discover that his name is D. But he doesn't know my name (or does he???).

Last week, he picked up tapes from me at the end of the night. I had other stuff I had to do. So I called him back an hour later.

"Hey, may I speak to D?"
"This is him."
"Oh hey, it's JEN FROM NEWS."
"Oh hey, what's up."
"I'm double guessing myself, did I give you two tapes? One for x and one for y."
"Yeah, you're good."

So now he knows my name.


Sash said...

you go, girl!

MP said...

That was a super move!