Friday, March 19, 2010

Old habits die hard.

We were at a party, and something wasn't quite right.

"Are you upset with me?"
"No. Don't worry about it."

He wasn't the least bit convincing, so I pushed.

"Are you irked at me?"
"Eh... not irked..."
"Are you miffed at me?"
"Yeah, miffed. I would say so."

I asked, even though I kind of already knew.

Remember this?

Maybe I shouldn't have invited my friend who maybe possibly has a thing for me. (But we are so clearly friends! And he's seeing someone now!) Maybe I should've told the middle school boyfriend that A and I are together before he got there. (But we aren't anything anymore! And he totally has a man crush on you!)

Before A, I'd been single for nearly three years... I'm allowed an adjustment period, no?


MP said...

wait...what? that was a bit too cryptic for me :-( or i'm just too overwhelmed with life to read what's in front of my nose. explanatory email please?

Lauren E. said...

I think guys always want what they can't have. He's annoyed that you're dating someone when he had a billion chances to date you in the past? Sorry, Charlie. Don't feel guilty for your own happiness, girl.