Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Death ii

And so we come one step closer
And I am unsure
I stepped away for a day and said I'll see you
He said I hope so
My fingers gentle on his hand
A grip firm even as his breath leaches out
The oxygen machine thrums and whooshes
Thumps at regulat intervals
My thumb softly moving on his fingers
A few hairs the skin pale and dry
Comforting or being comforted I could not tell
I'll see you I said
I stepped downstairs my mouth twisted in a curl
The sudden onslaught of tears in the car
And I didn't have a tissue at hand 
The little things
Yet I was confident of my return
In time for one more goodbye
One more look
Which I hope he understands to mean that I will be there
I will be there for them after he is gone
I will be there 
I will not forget his life touching mine
Too briefly
His soul his smile his joy
I will be a constant
I will be here
But now I am on my way
And there may not be another goodbye
That may be all it was
So assuredly I said I'll see you
And now I am unsure

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Death is the solace of the brave
And the haven of the kind
The ones it forsakes
Are the ones left behind