Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I got rejected from a grad school yesterday, and without thinking, I called him first. He didn't answer, so I sent him a text.

Then I waited.

Three hours later, he called. I was already upset about so many other things.

"I called you first."
"Are you upset with me?"
"I don't know."
"Can I tell you where I was and then you can tell me if you're still upset?"

He helps low income families with their taxes one night a week in a basement of a library. The thought had vaguely crossed my mind, but in my disheartened state, it was quickly ignored.

"I called you as soon as I got out. Are you still upset?"
"No ..."

"... I still think it's fucking huge that I called you first."


Lauren E. said...

ugh, so sorry about school, sash. but on the bright side... you called him first. :) i kinda love that.

MP said...

(a) i want to give you a hug for the grad school part
(b) EMAIL who what when where how (unfortunately i can't skype since i have about 100 hours of makeup classes this week)

JRenee said...

1. Sorry to hear you are sad about grad school.. but I have full faith that you will go exactly where and when you are supposed to!

2. You better copy me to that e-mail you are sending to MP! Seriously!