Thursday, January 7, 2010

Make Me Stay

“I’m going to turn and walk away.
You can watch me go,

Or you can make me stay.”

Three weeks from today I’ll be on a plane heading West. I’ll have it in my head that the next time I’m on a plane I’ll be sad because it’ll be over. I’ll plan on the ending but I won’t believe it.

Every time I talk to the LDC we discuss my visit. “I have five restaurants I’m taking you to.” “I’m in town for four days!” “So? Trust me. You will want to eat at these places. I’ve already started saving for all the meals I’m taking you to.” My overzealous heart counts it out: four dinners, three lunches, three breakfasts. He wants to see me every day.

I’ll plan to end it. But I’ll be hoping for an Ani ending instead.


Sash said...

so funny how our lives are mirroring each other!

JRenee said...

Mine too.. I must fill you girls in! I must write! Ugh! When will we reunite? I think brunch in the west village followed by a stroll and search for vintage books is in order.. eh?

Lauren E. said...

yes please! sash's next visit. or a trip to DC???