Monday, January 25, 2010

I was a fool, I was a fool to think...

LDC: welllll alright
i might be going skiing this sunday
that gona be a problem?
me: no, it's fine
LDC: haha ok
u talked to M at all?
me: nope
LDC: sweet
LDC: well ur gona be here soon
its sunny right now
me: nice
LDC: yuppp

10 minutes later...
me: i lied
LDC: about?
me: i don't want you to leave for a whole day when i'm only in town for 3
but i can't tell you not to go skiing
and i can't even guarantee how much i'll even be able to see you that day because no one will make any freaking plans
LDC: well when do u leave sunday?
me: at 9
LDC: ur worrying too much about this i think
me: i'm not worrying, you just caught me off guard
LDC: well dont worry bout it
obviously i wana hangout with u alot
but i cant just clear my schedule for 3 full days
me: i get it
LDC: i dont wana make all these expectations
its stressful
ur gona come up to visit
were gona hook up
have a great time
i wouldnt worry about nething
and i dont wana piss off M by stealing u all weekend

I fly out to Seattle in three days. And what am I supposed to do now?


JRenee said...

Oh babe...

MP said...

That is not comfortable-making.