Monday, January 18, 2010

Following A Dream

I had a dream last Tuesday. I was in Seattle, staying with S.'s parents. My weekend had gotten so busy that I realized suddenly that it was Sunday and I hadn't seen the LDC yet. I called and heard laughter in the background but he hung up on me. I texted instead: My plane leaves in a couple hours -- I'm not going to see you?

And then I woke up. It wasn't the worst dream I'd ever had but it definitely stuck with me. It was bad enough to remember.

Thursday afternoon at work the LDC sent me an IM.

He: So I had the weirdest dream about you last night.
Me: Oh yeah? A good one?
He: It was strange, you were in town for the weekend but both our schedules were so busy that before I knew it, it was Sunday and I never got to see you.

If he and I are really not meant to be, then fate needs to stop messing with my head. And stay out of my dreams.