Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Today the sun shines

You know those days when everything is glum and dreary? Those days when you fixate on all the things you don't have and all the stuff you feel entitled to? Those days when every good thing in your life has a lining of dullest of dull greys?

Yes, you know them. We all know them. They creep upon you, those days. Like a little hobgoblin in a wood, waiting behind the next mushroom, until SPLAT you're covered in a layer of gloomy muck.

And then there are those other days. Days when the sun just shines and shines even if it's pouring rain. Days when you walk out of long meetings feeling upbeat and energized instead of down and drained. Days when every cloud has a silver - nay, golden lining. Days when that hobgoblin is trapped in his cave and instead a pixie and a fairy are together sprinkling you with golden fairy dust and magically lighting up unknown paths in the wilderness, leading you out to the clearing, to the oasis, to where you want to be.

And suddenly you feel silly and ungrateful to have been such a whining mess on that other kind of day. And suddenly you feel like singing even though you know it would probably bring a bucketful of muck onto your head courtesy of your neighbors. And suddenly you think: you know what, this is the goddamn effing LIFE.

And maybe you find that your yogurt has real strawberries in it. And maybe your salmon turns out perfectly. And maybe you get your assignments done in a shorter time than you expected to.

And maybe, just maybe, you smile like a lunatic ready to take on the world.

And you wish these days would be every day. But you know that they wouldn't be worth so much without those other kinds of days.

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