Monday, June 28, 2010


I know I don't appreciate things as much as I should. I know I discount the sacrifices that probably went into making me who I am. I know I am the first to complain about anything and everything. I know I don't watch my mouth. I know I say hurtful things. I know I do hurtful things. I know I never pause to think of all the things that go into trying to make a dream come true.

I don't cry. I can watch the saddest of films and the most tearjerking of novels without a solitary tear making its way up to my eye, let alone down my cheeks. If ever I do feel those tears welling up I make sure to brush them away or to swallow them down, to laugh them off with an inappropriate comment that probably makes the situation worse.

But I teared up when I watched this.

And because I'm me, I now feel silly. Because who tears up over a Google ad?


Lauren E. said...

What a sweet message!

Had I not attended a Google seminar where a weirdo lady explained how these ads work, I would have been crying instead of grimacing. It's a shame I'm jaded.

MP said...

aa now you have to tell me about this seminar!!

Lauren E. said...

apparently google teamed up with youtube as a marketing strategy allowing users to create these videos super easily. i'd tell you exactly how but i wasn't paying close enough attention. you enter the search terms you want included, and then pick pre-chosen google-approved music to accompany it. if you google "search stories" it probably tells you how.

weird ad, BRILLIANT company. they literally have a hand in everything.

MP said...

ha, that's nuts.