Monday, June 7, 2010

Something Racey

So three of us are hanging out on some footsteps. An asian guy, a black girl, and me (an asian girl for those that don't know me). Our conversation is a blur to me now that I am trying to muster some of its substance for this blog post.

But I do remember one specific comment from Chris.

"My friend told me that asian guys and black girls are the loneliest people on Earth."

I seriously have been thinking about this all weekend. My jaw dropped, and I laughed. And I still don't know how I feel about it. Probably because I didn't know who the person was and why he would say that to his friend.

Is it true? Is it OK that it's true?

It makes me sad that loneliness can be measured and categorized to a very specific demographic. Even if I don't fall under it, I don't want others to either.

And then I am reminded of a line from my favorite Killers song and it makes me feel a little better and gives me something to work towards and/or look forward to.

"We're all the same. And love is blind."

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