Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Nicest Thing, Hungarian Version*

*Even though you could basically substitute the Hungarian for the LDC in Lauren E's last post and get the gist of my three days in Budapest...

He looked at me, smiled, shook his head, and kissed me. "You just bumped into my life again." Within minutes of entering his apartment, I was hanging his damp laundry on a drying rack. I separated his striped sweaters and socks and laughed to myself: So this is how it could be.

I laid on the couch and read my book, while he sat at his dining table work desk answering incessant emails and phone calls: So this is how it could be.

He gave me some radishes and peppers to wash while he sliced fresh bread. We ate our dinner of toast and brie from high stools at the kitchen counter, drank red wine with his friend that dropped by, and then watched a movie in bed: So this is how it could be.

As we parted for the day, he worried that I would not find my way back to the apartment, making me repeat the name of the square where all the buses and trams met. Later on, confusing me for a local, an elderly woman asked me for directions: So this is how it could be.

We split an apple tart and a chocolate cake. With a squinty smile, he ordered another slice of chocolate cake from the waitress: So this is how it could be.

He fell asleep in my lap:
So this is how it could be.

His grandmother made us a traditional Hungarian lunch. Even though she didn't eat, the two of us drank coffee in her living room. He stole my cup twice for a sip:
So this is how it could be.

I bought pastries from one of the fancier bakeries in the city. We made a mess of ourselves gobbling them up on the metro: So this is how it could be.

We ran our fastest, holding hands, to catch the last bus of the night: So this is how it could be.

At the train station, we kissed each other goodbye. I sat in my seat and looked out at him looking at me. As the train pulled away, he kissed his hand and I kissed mine: So this is how it's going to be.


Lauren E. said...

so beautiful, sash! and seriously... how did this happen to us on the same weekend? ridiculous.

JRenee said...

I am crying over here!