Friday, February 26, 2010

Just A Taste

Me and my lady have been together for a year now. And it is because of this past year that I can say with confidence that love exists. Gross I know, but you can benifit!

Behind every great love story; is even greater music.

So here is my love playlist for the last year: my LOVELIST if you will.

Facebook bombarded me with this piece of information today. My first love has now been with his current girlfriend for a year now and he has displayed his love for her through a beautiful mix that I must say, touches me in all those deep parts and places that he once awakened in me. I probably should not have downloaded this mix. I probably shouldn't be listening to it right now or letting my mind go to all the weepy sad places it is going. But, I did love this man. I loved all the little intricate details that I knew of him in the short time we were together. I was sad to loose him, circumstances changed and our young love was not strong enough to survive a distant move. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever feel the same intensity of love and desire again. I like to think my mom was right when she said to me, "Honey, he was just an appetizer. Just a taste of the real thing."

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Lauren E. said...

I had a friend once tell me after a break up, "If you thought HE was great, and he turned out to be the wrong one, imagine what it'll be like with the right one." It'll be so, so sweet.