Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chapter Two

Three weeks we were separated. In the beginning it was so hard. We’d had the DTR (Define the Relationship) discussion. We had decided we wanted to take a swing at this thing and thus it began. Only, Christmas arrived and with it, the two of us traveling apart for three weeks. I could tell he didn’t want to start this relationship off with endless text messages; phone calls every night, and incessant communication. So we shared sparse communication and watched our anticipation rise.

Finally he returned to the city. My heart beat rapidly at the thought of our reunion. He asked if I could meet him up for dinner, he had a plan. I arrived at his house and we exchanged an awkward hug, the presence of our two bodies finally meeting again was filled with electric intensity. He stiffened up and barely could bring himself to touch me. We went out to dinner. He’d chosen a Venezuelan restaurant with blood orange walls and bobble head shrines adding to the décor. I loved it. I felt as if the atmosphere was so very us... whatever “us” might be. We chatted rapidly about the screen play he is writing and about the places I’d visited. We laughed out loud at the inside jokes that had already begun to form. We ventured back to his place for Manhattans and a couple folk songs played on his guitar. I decided that there was something to this, something special and unique about this man. The anticipation and excitement of something so brand new, it filled me with awe.

Three months now, spent with him, quickly approaches. We have now shoved off, unmoored in this relationship; to use his terminology. It is a strange place to be. No longer any need for frivolous flirtations. The immediate mystery is gone, but overshadowed by the ever increasing understanding that there is just so much more to know and learn about one another. He has taken me on so many dates that we now cherish the moments spent just doing life in the comfort of our homes. We are learning to rest together; a whole new phase. Friday night we plan to tuck away in a coffee shop and write. I still get nervous with each new chapter. Just beginning to get used to the last. But I have decided not to fret, not to fear the unknown, but to embrace the change and see where it might take us. I actually think I might like this chapter better than the last. Only time will tell the length of this novel. For now, I sit pretty just beginning Chapter two.


Lauren E. said...

I LOVE this! This is going to sound cheesy, but I love the little things that make this relationship yours. You're going to write together. Manhattans and folk songs. Venezuelan restaurants. Love it.

JRenee said...

We are both very unique individuals. Makes for some interesting times.

MP said...

this is beautiful :-) and so hopeful and open!