Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tonight, tell me something true

Today has called herself melancholy. She told me so. I knew what she meant as soon as I saw the falling leaves. They have turned dull and dry and mark the ending of another season. She hates to see the trees shedding their vibrance and wishes for new life again. Today’s sadness is bringing me down. My knees are cold from the wind and it is evident the end of fall is soon at hand.

Today you want to talk. She must have been trying to warn me. I wasn’t expecting to hear from you, or to be so startled by your e-mail. You said you’re sorry for being stand-offish, but you want to share what's on your mind. I freeze at your words; they make my knees shiver as if the wind were blowing inside. Your kindness softens me and brings out all of my vulnerability, this scares me. I am a decision maker in life; but in love, you have me confused. I am anxious to hear your heart, but uncertain as to how I will respond. Is this the end of another season or the beginning of something new?
I wish today would be clear, she frustrates me with her clouds. I wish I knew what I wanted and I wish I wanted you. Today will soon end and tonight will tell me something true.

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