Friday, November 6, 2009

Like, today type of now

Mr. Right, I am in love. I am missing you and seeking for you and wish I knew your name.
This morning, I woke with such romance in the air. Walking out of the house my warm coat hugged me as the crisp air brushed my face. Receiving two kisses from kind neighbors on the way to the subway, I knew today was special.
I wish you were in it, there to love me in the morning as I awoke in my plush bed. Beside me as I greeted my neighbors on the way to work. In my thoughts and in my blackberry messages.. all day long.
Where are you? Do you dream of me as I dream of you? Remember when I loved you before I even knew you. I believe you exist, you are out there, perhaps you are waiting for me, looking around every corner, every bend.. moving past all those that just aren’t right. I am.
I am tired today and want nothing more than I want intimacy, kindness and a couple of laughs..with you.
One day we will share, one day we will lie in bed all day and watch old movies with our very own comedic commentary. I’ll bring in berries and champagne, for breakfast, you will insist on beer and burritos for lunch. I want you now. Like, today type of now. Is it possible? I suppose it isn’t time. We will wait.
One day you will see my knees and my hips and my lips. I will know your heart and your love like no other. I can’t wait. I will wait.
I understand it won’t always be easy and it most certainly won’t be a dream. But, I do think it will be right, there will be fuel for the road, there will be commitment, a joined spirit to fight the good fight. I know you will be forever.. or til death do us part. That will be a good day. It will be. Today is just a tease.


Sash said...

I think many of us feel this way, my friend, though few of us are able to articulate it as well!

Lauren E. said...

from my brain to your keyboard to the blog. you said it, sister.