Thursday, November 19, 2009

day turns to night

It had been a long day. Classes all day long, meeting with a project partner who hadn't done anything at all, preparing and executing a presentation, frustrating telephone calls, awkward conversations, unsuccessful attempts at using the internet to accomplish tasks that have been pending for a long time. All the restaurants and bars with televisions were packed for the game. We walked into one, then another, then another. They all had empty seats - hidden behind a wall, where of course the television wasn't visible. Somehow we found seats which were cramped but still allowed a view. D followed every move with interest. All I wanted was my bed.

And then it arrived. Succulent, glistening with fat, the delicious fragrance wafting towards me before it was even placed on the table. In a bed of lightly dressed salad, accompanied with real potato chips: the Confit de Canard. The meat fell off the bones, the skin was fatty and melted in my mouth. The chips were crunchy but still thick enough to give you a bite. The salad provided a cool and refreshing break. I settled back into my little chair. Suddenly it was so comfortable and warm. The "oooooohs" and "putains" and "allez allez allez" were the calls of camaraderie. I even looked up a few times to see a goal or maybe a foul. I sipped my wine, and felt the tension ease out of my limbs. My eyes grew heavy as I grew sated with the delicate yet hearty confit. I remembered that I had a novel full of beautiful words and a gripping story waiting for me at home. And the day just fell away. And I was left with just this lovely evening.


Lauren E. said...

okay, usually i love your posts but HOW could you do this to us first thing in the day?! now i'm starving and it's only 10am!

seriously, though, you made me salivate. love it.

JRenee said...