Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Look at me dreaming of you
All I could hope is to have you
To have you walking with me
Laughing so in love, we two
Almost drunkenly
I did imbibe of this
Fantasy of you and me

Was I a fool to think?
The way you looked at me
I swear you did
But you looked away too quick
Was I a fool, was I a fool to think
That you would take me home
As if I was yours
Was I a fool to think at all?

Checking flights to Seattle daily. Considering spending $300 that I don’t have. Texting sweet things while I should be working. Rush of blood to the face at every message. Whole nights spent thinking about how lovely it will be when we’re finally together. And then the doubt seeps in… am I fool? Am I a fool to think at all?

1 comment:

MP said...

No! It's worth it. And in any event, whenever a "why" raises it's head...there's always a "why not?!"