Thursday, August 6, 2009

And it's you I hear, so loud and so clear

Waiting inside the cool shelter of the movie theater, two tickets in my shaky little hand. Should’ve washed my face. He walks in, smiles, goes in for the hug immediately. He always seems relieved to see me.

Slink down in sticky movie seats, gnoshing on popcorn, completely at ease when the kernels tumble down my shirt. He couldn’t care less.

With every reach for the popcorn tub my arm brushes his. Does he notice? He must notice. On purpose? On purpose. He makes no motion to move the tub closer to me. Skin on skin. The touch barrier broken. The second date.

“That was a great movie.”
“I know, I loved it.”
“I guess.”
“She was horrible. So selfish.”
“Eh… she was just being honest.”

The short walk home. He should go left but takes the right, walking alongside me without being asked. Face to face. Leaning in. The first kiss. Turning away, walking up the stairs, opening the door, and grinning all the way.


Sash said...

don't you shiver!

loved this movie- something so beautiful, so refreshing, so true to life.

JRenee said...

We should post our discussion on it.. hehe! I love you gals!