Saturday, June 20, 2009

One Boring Morning

It is no surprise to those close to me that my mind wanders aimlessly and far, especially when I'm bored.  During my commute to work everyday, I typically anticipate my work day (I work in a pretty unpredictable environment so this is pretty much impossible), people-watch (I ride the 1 train so there is usually lots to see) or think about current events that are present in my life (there is almost always something going on).  

Alas, none of those kept my attention this past Friday morning.  So while on the train to work yesterday, my thoughts arbitrarily led me to this boy that I met three years ago.  THREE YEARS.  Approximately 1,095 days had passed before he had entered my mental phenomena.  I can barely remember what I ate the night before so you could imagine my bewilderment (... or not).  He kept my attention well.  Maybe too well.  I say that because I got so distracted that I almost missed my stop.

His name is Cedrick.  I am not even sure if that is how his name is spelled.  I didn't think about that on the train though.  Instead, I thought about how we met in Paris (so clich√©) and didn't exactly fall in love but fell in complete lust.  He's French and studied at some prestigious school in Paris, where I traveled to visit my friend after my abroad program in Madrid ended.  He lived in the same dorm-ish building as my Friend and thus, they all hung out.  I entered the courtyard of the building to meet my Friend.  As I sat down, I notice this cute, different looking boy staring at me uncontrollably.  I am properly introduced to everyone around us.  When we get to him, he nods "bonjour" (haha) but doesn't say a word.  Oh, and he's still staring.  Flattering and frightening at the same time.  Throughout some conversation, I try to stare back but can't hold his gaze long enough.  

Friend then butchers language to French native, asking about a bottle opener (for the wine, of course) to which Cedrick responds with, "Oui, elle est belle."  (Yes, she is pretty... obvisouly not the answer to his question).  Omg!  He speaks!  But it is followed by speechlessness in everyone around us.  The silence is broken by Friend who awkwardly reprimands Cedrick for his unanswered questioned and repeats his query ("No!  I said, '[insert bottle opener question here]') and we all move past that moment.  Somehow, I am left with the trying task of opening the bottle.  Cedrick sees me struggling and gets up to help me.  He puts his hands over my hands and together we open the bottle.  We smile at each other and it was amazing.

That was the first of my short four-day stay so what followed is kind of a blur.  What we did exactly, I cannot recall for the life of me.  We had lots of fun, that I remember fondly.  When we said bye, we didn't exchange any contact information.  I forget why and how that was but my hypothesis is that we agreed our mutual friend has our contacts for the both of us.  I didn't reach out to Friend about Cedrick, so I'm going to assume that he didn't either.

What I am supposed to do with this?  I do not know.  I guess I can cross off "European love affair" off my list.  

I wondered if he had thought of me at all in these past three years.  I think I told my roomie (sashaaa) and my sister that week, but beyond that, I didn't think of him until now.  I recovered from my thoughts quickly enough to realize that the train was at 66th Street and the doors were about to close.  I immediately dash for the door and barely make it out of the train.  Just in time for work.  End of morning thoughts.

P.S. I feel like I broke the unspoken rule of using first letter abbreviations instead of spelling out names.  Oops.

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