Friday, July 23, 2010

Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now

11PM. An almost-empty bar in the East Village. Two people in the back, three drinks deep, four weeks in. She could tell He was going to be important to Her.

"Play 'King of Wishful Thinking!'" She shouted at the DJ. The song began to play and He spun Her around in the space around the tables, singing along and bumping Her hips.

"Hey!" He called out to the DJ. "Play that song from Mannequin next!"

And She knew He was a Keeper.


Sash said...

as much as i love frank bruni, i have to disagree with his opinion of the theme from mannequin:

Lauren E. said...

I KNEW I wanted to try Torrisi! Be still my heart.

Jennifer said...

And if this world runs out of lovers,
we'll still have each other...