Tuesday, December 22, 2009


It felt like every bone in my body ached. In the past couple of days I've spent maybe 40 hours on some kind of plane, more if you include the parts at the airport. I've been tired and cranky. I haven't been eating at proper times. Jet lag has thrown my sleep schedule out of kilter so that I can't sleep for more than two hours at a time without waking up. I no longer knew what time zone I was in.

My bag stood in the hallway. The backpack I'd been lugging around with me for the past five days lay in a corner. I sipped some tea. Hugs had been exchanged, kisses on the cheek. We all sat around now, talking about the journey, of so and so who passed away, of the broken window that needs to be fixed, about my sister's wedding plans.

I sat on the settee next to my grandma and my aunt. I curled up into a little ball. I laid my head on my grandma's nap. Her fingers playing with my hair. Stroking my head. The conversation flowed around me. I'd comment from time to time. I held her soft hand to my cheek.

I woke up to find a blanket draped over me and a pillow tucked under my head. I finally felt refreshed.

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Lauren E. said...

there's no place like home...