Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Someone New

Funny how many men have come in and out of my realm of maybe. Funny the ones I remember and the ones I forget. In the moment I think, “this could have potential” and with one bat of my lashes I am dreaming of the life we might one day share; all the nuances of love and lust and forever. Then the man in question just doesn’t seem to ever make a move or I get bored and sneak away. Sometimes he’ll catch my gaze instantly and begin to dream of me as his one and only, looking at me with that romantic, needy, puppy dog stare. This inevitably freaks me out and I run away. There have been so many brief encounters, so many crushes, so many men pursuing my attention. They come in and they go out. The residue sometimes lingers and they become someone I remember, sometimes painfully remember and sometimes fondly reminisce over. But, all in all they have all gone away or have never begun.

Someone new, the next link in my chain of fools, he has floated in, he has become my friend, he has become someone that makes my heart beat fast and someone that might be worth fighting to keep around. Alas, he may even be someone that finds me worth fighting for. Hm. And now I wait patiently to see if this friendship is worth risking, for he and for I.

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