Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oh, I wish...

I wish that when my food processor died, or when the heel broke off my boot, or when my camera malfunctioned, I could afford to replace it.
I wish instead of whispering behind closed doors my boss would ask me if I was happy.
I wish my hair would grow faster.
I wish TC would want to go to bed at a reasonable hour sometimes.

I am grateful to have TC, who only tells the truth but still manages to tell me I’m pretty when I’m in glasses and without makeup.
I am grateful to the stranger who mailed me my stolen wallet.
I am grateful that anyone at all reads my food blog, let alone the 50 daily dedicated fans.
I am grateful to my other boss, who buys me coffee, sends me job listings, and even gave me brand new leather boots.

Things in my life don’t always strike a perfect balance. But today as I started to write this, I ran out of things to list in the “I wish” column. And I realized that it’s nice sometimes when the scales are tipped.

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