Thursday, August 26, 2010


Tomorrow will be six months since we first kissed, so we're taking half days off of work to see a matinee, make love, and eat dinner at an unknown restaurant. (He's given me a hint, and I still can't figure it out. Pretty infuriating.) The weather will be gorgeous, so there will likely be hand-holding and strolls, too.

Then today it hit me.

Am I supposed to get him something...?

Not one to shy away from the direct approach, I asked.

me: are we doing gifts?
A: um...nah
well, I didn't get anything
let's save that for a year?
me: neither did I, haha
so you see yourself with me for a full year, huh?
A: um, if I am that lucky
me: I just love you
A: I love you too

Decision made.

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and i will be back to the blog's been a crazy few weeks (months?)