Saturday, May 23, 2009

A question like a blot on beautiful parchment

Today I had a drink with a boy who used to like me, with whom I am now officially "only friends," whose face visibly fell when he heard I had a boyfriend. We continued after that little mention of D, sneakily slipped in by me, as if nothing had ever passed between us apart from pure and platonic friendship. He joked about law school loves, I asked about his love life, he told me how he'd been seeing someone but they broke up, we joked about the waitress, everything as usual. Because we're friends now. But his face fell. He took a long sip of his beer, but I saw it. D called while we were in the middle of drinks. I didn't pick up.

D called again. I picked up.

"Hey I'm with my friends, what was the name of that restaurant you were telling me about?"

I was sitting across from a boy whose face fell when he heard I had a boyfriend. Why was I sitting across from him, and not across from my boyfriend, at that restaurant I had been telling my boyfriend about?

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