Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Was Blessed with a Birth and a Death and I Guess I Just Want Some Say Inbetween...

Being away from New York always highlights aspects of the city that I overlook when I’m physically in it. So this past weekend in Rochester, I was reminded of a few things:

My shoes would last way longer if I walked out of my apartment, 4 feet to my car, and then 4 feet to my office building, instead of 15 blocks to the subway and 2 avenues to my office.
Shopping in a mall is still fun, due to Auntie Anne’s pretzels and no jacket no matter the weather.
It is no fun going out when one person has to be the Designated Driver.
People get married way, way earlier upstate.

I want to hate on the young people getting married, I really do. “There are so many things I still want to do!” I gushed to my three high school friends, 2 with rings on their fingers and the third just waiting for hers. “I want to travel alone, I want to try living in a different city. I’m just not in the same place as you guys.” When I thought about it later, I realized it sounded a little elitist but I don’t think they took it that way. They understood. I had to get out and go to New York City after high school, whether it was to try and be a Broadway star or a lowly writer or merely some millionaire’s date on a Friday night. And I still haven’t done everything I want to do to finish evolving into the person I know I am or will someday be.

On the way to the bar in Rochester, Miss J picked up her phone to call The Fiance. “Hey, it’s me. Would you be able to pick my friends and I up from the bar tonight? Are you sure? Great. Thank you.” She ended the call, her cheeks filling with color, and looked at us with a smile. “He said, ‘I’d love to.’” And all at once I couldn’t remember why New York was so great.

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